As Drifters we create personalized walks Made to Measure to explore London and/or Trentino Alto Adige* in an unusual way…
Do you want to explore  London and/or Trentino Alto Adige  starting from your interests? Please write to info@drifters.land and let us know about them and we draw the proper walk for you.
We can cover those areas of interest:
architecture / contemporary art / creative enterprises / design / gardens and parks / gastronomy / interior design (visits inside private houses) / museums and cultural institutions / peculiar bars and pubs / secret places

*We both live and work between those two places

Trekking, Mont Blanc

Choose some topics from above and if you have any interest that is not listed please let us know…we might able to insert some of those ingredients too.  On the message please specify: How many days are you going to stay in town? In which area will you stay? How many people are you? and we draw the trip for you!

We avoid going into touristic sites, we focus not only but mainly into contemporary, cutting edge and alternative locations. Each place where we will conduct you has been carefully chosen for its quality and specificity.

Following our tours you will have a lot of fun discovering your interests. As we do the research for you and we guide you in the town we try to optimize your time. You can choose to participate alone or in groups. It is totally up to you!