heuristic records


Heuristic Records is a research project by Drifters + Constanza Puente  and it is composed by video-dialogues in which we ask to people interviewed one by one : “How do you stand up and proceed?”. The words chosen build up the path to travel together. We start a journey inside intimate morphologies. Myriad of different images come out to express that vibrant matter which, indeed, cannot find a single word to be expressed. Images that tell about an experience few times thought but largely felt.The trip becomes the occasion for letting emerge the veins that lead to a primal terrain, a substratum prior to any distinctness, prior to any gap. The traveller starts describing very carefully this matter, which is not but his own way of walking, his own way of proceeding. He zooms into this path, and everything gets very detailed. Here, we invite our travel mate to translate those vibrations into a sound, a vocal vibration, a new word, an “acoustic image”. It’s not a definition, but a tool, a prosthesis that works like an extension of our body. It’s a mean to enlarge our perception, to extend our cognitive activity. To enrich our skills of thinking.
Nowadays, our vocabularies are fed by new words coming from virtual spheres. Functional words for hencing the technological and financial exchange. Why don’t we enlarge our vocabulary with words coming from a different fields?
We collect acoustic images from the empirical sphere. New words to enlarge our current vocabulary with words, images, sounds deeply rooted on the experience of the living.